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Meet the Translator

"When I was first introduced to Marie's stories I thought they were too advanced for my then 2-year old daughter. A couple of years later, I came across her stories and read them to my now 4-year old and my 2 year-old son. What a surprise! The stories had no illustration, and I only used the tone of my voice and my hands to "illustrate" the stories. They listened, to every single part of the story. They both remained focused. At the end, my son said (once his pacifier was out of his mouth ) " one more " (no, no please mummy...such a cheeky boy!). 

 A few weeks later, another story, same response, they loved it, and so did I.

But by then, the rhymes had gotten into them..."your dot I find not", they had adopted Adèle. 

This is why I was eager to translate Marie's stories : the nice, playful and reassuring characters would be perfect friends for young kids. The language, soft and precise, will help them develop their communication skills."

Natalia Le Viavant

(Natalia teaches English in Marseille)